Z-Reads + Historical Results

Your will normally run a Z-Read/End of Day Report on your till as part of your usual Retail Activities. At any time you can choose to Re-Print these on your EPOS/Till or view them online:

1) Click the ‘Reports + Credit Notes’ button (icon shown above) on the Cloud Dashboard
2) Click the ‘Z-Read Management’ button from the Report Manager Page
3) Choose the relevant Store/Location from the ‘Select Location’ drop-down box
4) Choose the relevant Terminal from the second drop-down box, the Page will refresh and you can click ‘Refresh’ to force this

Viewing Historic Z-Reads

5) The Z-Read Number, Date and Time, Z-Read Value, Transaction (TX) Count and Takings Difference Reason will be shown
6) Click the :: button under ‘Select’ to view the details of the Z-Read

This shows you the following:

Z-Read Operator – the name of the User/Operator who generated + saved the Z-Read
Date – the Date + Time the Z-Read was received by the SalesStream™ Cloud Servers
Amount – the Total Value of the Z-Read/Daily Takings
Paid Out – the Total Value of any Paid Outs (Petty Cash etc)
Balance – the Z-Read Balance
Difference Reason – the Reason the User/Operator specified for there being a difference between the Expected and Actual Z-Read Count
Paid Out Reason – the Reason the User(s)/Operator(s) specified for having opened the Cash Drawer (when not a Sale)
Z-Read Text – the Text as shown on the Z-Read when printed on the EPOS/Till. Includes
Sales by Category Text – a breakdown of items sold by Category i.e. T-Shirts, Jeans, Dresses
Transaction (TX) Count – the Transaction Count for the Day/Z-Read Period
Refunded Items – a list of any Refunds for the Day/Z-Read Period