Support FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Logging into SalesStream™ Cloud + Security. 

Can I still use my Till/EPOS if I have no active web connection?
– Yes, most features are still available and any transactions will be automatically sent up to our servers when you web connection is restored. Some features such as Live Stock Level Lookup, Customer Account Balances etc will not be available if you are not online

Can I run SaleStream™ Cloud EPOS Software on an Apple Mac Computer?
– No, at present SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS only runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7. However you can view all back office web management pages on your Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone.

I have added a new product using SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS but can’t see the item when I try to look it up on my Till/EPOS
– Ensure that you have performed a ‘Terminal Update’ or ‘Full Refresh’. A ‘Terminal Update’ updates any products which have been created, updated or deleted on the Cloud but ignores unchanged data. If after running a ‘Terminal Update’ you still can’t locate a Product it is worth running a ‘Full Refresh’ – this will take longer and so should be carried out at the end of the day once Z-Read has been generated and there are no customers in store.

How do I add a new Tender/Payment Type i.e. Cash, Card, Cheque?
– Soon you will be able to do this via your SalesStream™ Cloud Online Management Pages; at present this is something ourselves at JSA will set up for you, please contact Support

When scanning Barcode Product is not displayed on the Till/EPOS?
– First of all run a ‘Terminal Update’ or ‘Full Refresh’ to ensure that your till is holding the most up to date product information. You can also login to the Cloud Management Pages and look up the relevant product. The currently assigned Barcode is shown on the right-hand side. Check that there is a Barcode here and that it matches the one found on the physical product in store. You will find that the barcode will be specific to a particular product’s colour and size in the Fashion sector. If you have any further questions please contact Support

How do I extend the Validity Period of a Credit Note?
– See our Credit Note Management Help Guide

How do I add to or edit the Discount Reasons List on the Till/EPOS?
– Using Online Management go to Products + Inventory and click on ‘Maintenance’ (from the top menu bar), then ‘Discount Codes’. Here you can Add/Edit or Delete the Discount Reasons. A ‘Terminal Update’ will be necessary for these changes to appear on your Till/EPOS.

My Till/EPOS keeps logging me off after each sale, can this be changed?
– Certainly, this is just a standard SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS security setting. If you wish to remain logged in until someone clicks the ‘Lock Till’ button please request that your Manager/Supervisor contacts the JSA Support Team

When I Scan or Search for a Product the price is showing incorrectly. For example – there are more decimal places than I expect or a £4.00 product displays as £40.00.
– Certainly, we recommend you follow this procedure. Request the setup of a ‘Department’ button for Part Exchange by Contacting Support. Then simply click the ‘Refund’ button enter the Part Exchange Value i.e. 100.00 and then click the ‘Part Exchange’ Department Button on the top right-hand side of your EPOS screen. Continue with the Sale adding any new sale items or clicking ‘Refund’ again to add more Part Exchange Items. Following this you will need to add the Part Exchange items to your stock; setting up relevant product info – including Description, Pricing and VAT Rate.

When I scan or search for a Product it’s price is showing incorrectly, i.e. there are more decimal places than I expect
– If your pricing is entered correctly on the SalesStream Cloud back office this would suggest that your ‘Regional Settings’ are incorrectly set in Windows. You can view/change these by visiting Control Panel. If you require any further help with this an engineer can dial-in and investigate for you, simply Contact Support

Why do I keep getting logged out of SalesStream™ Cloud Online Management Pages?
– Users are automatically logged off for security at midnight. You will also be required to enter your four digit PIN after periods of inactivity (for security reasons) and when moving between certain Online Management functions.

What is the list of names on the bottom left hand side of the SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS Online Login Page?
– This is a list of any colleagues who are currently logged onto SalesStream™ Cloud. This allows you to check what operations your colleagues are working on and ensure that you don’t double up or duplicate any activities/functions.

Menus are not displaying correctly or I can’t click any of the links, why is this?
– We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer for optimum compatibility. If you have any issues seeing/using the Menus in SalesStream™ Cloud try switching on ‘Compatibility Mode’ by clicking the icon to the right of the Address/URL Bar.


The ‘Copy Add’ button doesn’t seem to be working?
– Our Development Team are currently working on some new modules which are linked to this feature and for the mean time it is disabled. Apologies for any inconvenience.

I can’t find a Product Category or need to add a New Category
– See our Product Category Management Page.

When scanning Barcode Product is not displayed on the Till/EPOS?
– See our Barcode Management Help Guide > Coming Soon, Please contact Support

How do I add Private Pricing/Customer Specific Pricing for a Product?
– See our Private Pricing Help Guide.

How do I adjust/correct a Product Stock Level? (as a result of Loss, Theft, Damage etc.)
– See our Stock Level Adjustment Help Guide.

My Weekly/Monthly Stock Turn Figures on the Product Management Page don’t seem to be accurate, why could this be?
– The Weekly Stock Turn shows you the Sales of products within the last 7 days on a rolling basis, likewise the Monthly Stock Turn is within the last 30 days on a rolling basis. Therefore if you are looking at a Product on a Monday morning you will see it’s stock turn based on the last 7/30 days, whether you traded (were open) on those days or not.


How do I correct an incorrectly charged Customer Account?
– Simply by making an account adjustment online, as detailed in ‘Adjustments to a Customer Account > Balance, Credit Limit’

How do I add Private Pricing/Customer Specific Pricing for a Product
– See our Private Pricing Help Guide

How do I extend the Validity Period of a Credit Note?
– See our Credit Note Management Help Guide

How do I collect a Customer’s Name + Address when putting a Sale through my Till/EPOS?
– SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS allows you to collect a Customer’s Name and Contact Details, allowing you to keep track of their Purchase History and gaining a better understanding of their likes/tastes. This can be very valuable for Marketing purposes. To Add/View a Customer on the Till/EPOS simply click ‘Cust Enq’ at any time. There are a number of options for this including a) Manual Collection, b) Total Basket Price Trigger or c) Product Trigger and these are covered in further detail in our ‘System Setup Help Guide’.


When adding a Product I can’t find the relevant Supplier?
– Suppliers are added using the Supplier Management Screen, as explained in the Supplier Management Help Guide.

Purchase Orders

How do I create a Purchase Order?
– See our Purchase Order Management Help Guide

I can’t find a particular Product when trying to add it to a Purchase Order using the Search feature?
– This is usually because the product either a) hasn’t been set live or b) the Product is not set to be allowed on Purchase Orders. It can be the case that a product is not re-orderable, i.e. it is a one-off or special addition. Simply lookup the product using the Online Product Management form and ensure that the ‘Allow PO’ checkbox is ticked before clicking ‘Save’

Goods In/Receiving Product

What happens if I receive More or Less Stock on my delivery than was ordered?
– Coming soon . . . .

Goods Out/Product Returns

How do I Return Stock to a Supplier?
– Coming soon . . . .

Inter-Branch Transfers

How do I Move Stock/Products between my Stores/Locations?
– Coming soon . . . .

Stock Taking

How do I carry out a Stock Take using SalesStream™ Cloud?
– Coming soon . . . .

Reports + Data Extracts

How do I view Reports using SalesStream™ Cloud?
– See our SalesStream™ Cloud Reporting Help Guide/Overview

How do I view Credit Notes generated using SalesStream™ Cloud?
– See our Credit Note Management Help Guide

Can I view my Data in Microsoft Excel?
– You can make use of our Data Extract Features, as explained in the Data Extracts Help Guide.

My Z-Read doesn’t match/reconcile with Sales Reports, why is this?
– A Z-Read is your takings as captured at a specific moment in time. In Retail a Z-Read is traditionally performed at the end of a Trading Day, i.e. every 24 hours. The Sales Reports are dated/timed exactly as the transactions take place in-store (provided that there is an active internet connection). You can help Reconcile these by going to Manager > Z-Read > Z-Read Analysis on the Till and view a report for the date in question.

Why are Voucher Payments included in my Z-Read, they have already been ‘Sold’?
– The logic behind this is to ensure compliance with HMRC. When you are selling a voucher you can’t possibly know what type of product it will be redeemed against. Hence the relevant VAT rate is charged at the point of sale. A Z Read is meant to represent exactly that is in the cash drawer when you perform it. To all intents and purposes a voucher is just like cash and needs to be accounted for. With many of our retailers the person responsible for balancing the cash drawer is not onsite and therefore needs full information at their fingertips. Obviously if vouchers aren’t displayed they could just be removed by a member of staff and then used again fraudulently.


At SalesStream we recommend AVG Antivirus which can be downloaded from or Kaspersky which can be downloaded from

The Online/Cloud Figures (Sales Figures, Stock Levels) in Reports/Data Extracts don’t seem to be correct, why is this?
– It is possible that Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware or Firewall Software on your PC is blocking SalesStream EPOS Data from being received by our Servers.  Different Anti-Virus software works in different ways so it is rather difficult for us to support this remotely, although we will always do our best to advise and help.

You should be able to find a setting called ‘Exclusions’ and you should add the SalesStream Folder to this list.  You can also check/test whether Anti-Virus is blocking your data from sending to the Cloud by finding the ‘Disable Live Protection’ (or something similar) option on your Anti-Virus.

Another possibility is that the SalesStream ‘Service’ which sends your data to our Cloud Servers has stopped running – you can go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Services, you will see the screen below:

Windows Services for SalesStream EPOS
Ensure that the SalesStream Service is running, this will show in the Status column as highlighted in blue above.  If the Service is not running you can start it by clicking the ‘Play’ or > button as highlighted by the red box above.

Failure to do the above could result in your Sales and Stock Data not transmitting properly to our Cloud Servers and/or Terminal Updates not functioning.  If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact

Web Browsers

Some reports, menus or screens don’t display correctly, why is this?
– SalesStream™ Cloud is designed to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer and we therefore strongly recommend using IE.  Other browsers including Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Fireworks can display elements in a different way causing buttons/menus not to work or display correctly, likewise reports, data screens etc. In some cases you can switch on Compatibility Mode Settings (also available in Internet Explorer) and this will often help.