Stock Taking Overview

SalesStream™ Cloud offers a variety of flexible Stock Taking Options, these are highlighted on the Stock Taking Menu as shown below :

1) Item/Product Lookup Method – here you can search for any Product/Item on your Stock File and enter a stock count, includes filters for Supplier, Category etc.

2) Fashion (Style/Design) Method – here you select the range or design of the Products you wish to count and the qty that you have in stock. This method is also highly recommended for use by Fashion Retailers.

3) Rapid Scan/Barcode Method –  an easy option in which you simply Scan the barcodes of your Stock, each ‘Scan’ adds a qty of 1 for the relevant item. This method is highly recommended for use by Fashion Retailers.

General Advice for Stock Taking

Stock taking can be a complicated and lengthy process so please do not hesitate to contact the SalesStream Cloud Support Team for any advice, we have been working with Retailers, Wholesalers and Warehouse Managers for years and therefore have in depth experience of this business process.

Clear up/resolve any Goods In, Goods Out (Return to Supplier) and Inter-Branch Transfer.