Warehouse Management System

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You can access the Warehouse system Dashboard within SalesStream Cloud.

This screen is an overview of your Entire Warehouse and Dispatch Process – with live Figures and Statistics to help you understand and manage your Warehouse Operations:

Picking Queue – displays a live Picking List
Review Jobs – displays a list of Jobs/Orders that have picking shortages and offers a number of resolution options/methods
Held Jobs –
Credit Memos –
Item Orders –
Pending Zone –
Stock Issues –
Dispatch List –

The purpose of this screen is to help you contact a Customer and resolve any stock shortage issues you may have for a given order.  This may involve you emailing or calling a Customer to check whether they would prefer a Part Shipment or Cancel Line from an Order for example.

1) Click’ Select’ next to the Order you wish to Review and Process and then click ‘Commence’
2) All Items/Lines on the relevant order are displayed onscreen – those with potential issues are highlighted by a red ‘X’ in the Status column
3) To review any of these lines simply click ‘Select’ on the relevant row
4) This will display the Stock Position across your business i.e. Locations such as Store 1, Store 2, Warehouse alongside information about any expected deliveries or Purchase Orders
5) Record a Discrepancy by selecting an ‘Action’ for the stock shortage using the Drop-Down whether ‘Immediate Count’, ‘Count Next Stock Take’ or ‘Check All for this Supplier’ and click ‘Record Discrepency’.  This helps you to identify reasons for stock shortages and the actions that need to be taken to resolve or investigate them.
6) Finally choose a resolution for the stock shortage – you should enter the Action Qty into the ‘Cancel and Credit’, ‘Item Order’ or ‘Hold in PZ’ text boxes and click ‘Save Resolution’
7) Depending on the Resolution selected above you will be offered a number of options i.e. ‘Return to Picking’, simply tick ‘Authorise’ and click ‘Return to Picking’ to proceed.