Viewing/Exporting Collected Customer Purchase Information (Value/Spend + Products)

Customer Details/Record

1) Click on the ‘Customers + Text Marketing‘ icon on the Cloud Management Dashboard
2) Enter the Surname or Postcode of the Customer whose details you wish to View/Edit
3) Click the ‘Search‘ button
4) Any matching results will be listed onscreen with the basic details (address, postcode, email, phone numbers etc. along with any relevant credit account information), simply identify the relevant customer and click the ‘Select’ button on the left of the record.
5) You can now click on the following buttons to see:

a) Accounts – Full Customer Credit Account Details (if relevant) includes : Credit Limit, Current Balance and All Debits/Credits to Account including options to ‘Manage Account’ > Adjustments/Payments etc.
b) Purchases – A list of all Purchases by that Customer (provided you have selected them before or during the Sale)
c) Detail – Full Customer Address, Delivery Address and Contact Details
d) Notes – Allows you to view Notes created for that Customer on the EPOS/Till or Add Notes whilst on the Cloud. Includes ‘Pending Notes’ whereby you can create a note from the Cloud which will ‘pop-up’ when that Customer is searched for on the EPOS/Till i.e. ‘Don’t forget to remind customer they have items for collection’ or ‘Customer’s Account requires a payment/credit before any additional sales can be processed’

Customer Reports

1) Click on the ‘Reports + Credit Notes‘ icon on the Cloud EPOS Home Page
2) Click ‘Reports‘ on the left-hand menu
3) Click the ‘Customers‘ icon the top-menu bar
4) Click ‘Select‘ on the Row for ‘Report 40 – Customer Purchases between Two Dates’
5) Choose a Date Range for the Report by using the Date Picker on the right-hand side
6) Click ‘Display‘ to view the Report
7) You can then export the report to PDF, Excel and a number of other options by clicking the ‘Select a Format‘ dropdown from the top-menu bar
8) Finally click ‘Export‘

Data Extract (to Excel)

This creates a CSV file called ‘Purchase_History’ which can be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. The files includes details such as : Receipt/Invoice Reference Number, Transaction Date, Operator/Sales Agent Name, Customer Name, Company Name, Location/Store Name, Full Address with Postcode, Phone Numbers (inc. Mobile Number for Text/SMS Marketing), email address, Item Description, Cost Price, Qty, Sales/Retail Price etc.

1) Click on the ‘Reports + Data Extracts‘ icon on the Cloud EPOS Home Page
2) Choose ‘Data Extracts‘ from the left-hand menu
3) Scroll down to ‘Customer Purchase History‘
4) Click the ‘Download‘ button
5) You will be asked to name a location to save the CSV/Extract File to (ensure that pop-ups are not blocked within your browser)

The accuracy and level of detail all depends on how much information is added by the Operator when the customer record is created, you can make use of our Postcode Lookup™ facility to improve the speed and accuracy of collection.