Stock Taking

With multiple count methods, store mapping locations, multiple branch and before and after valuation reports Stock Taking is easy with SalesStream.

An essential suite of features that helps you to manage what is one of the largest investments within your business . . . your stock.

  • Multiple Stock Taking Methods including Barcode Scanning, Manual Search/Entry, Fashion Matrix (Sizes and Colours)
  • Count Areas can be setup to distinguish stock taking counts i.e. Shop Floor, Window Display, Store Room
  • Before and After Stock Taking Count/Valuation Reports
  • Ensures Stock Levels on your Website (if integrated) are accurate reducing cost of returns and admin and improving customer service
  • Full Stock Taking vs Partial Stock Taking – explained further below.

Large scale retailers frequently perform Stock Takes on a rolling basis (weekly/monthly) rather than performing infrequent annual counts. Retailers will often check the same item randomly, so that the member of staff carrying out the stock take can’t predict what will be counted and when.

This helps you to maintain security and control of slow moving or high value stock items which are more subject to theft (internal or external)

The ‘Partial Stock Taking’ feature within SalesStream allows you to carry out a count of one particular category, location or product range. The stock levels of any items outside of this count will be completely unaffected.

Accurate Stock taking and valuations are also important for providing your insurance company and accountant with live and reliable valuations throughout the year.