Rapid Scan (Barcode) Method

1) Login to SalesStream Cloud and click on the Stock Taking icon
2) Select the ‘Rapid Stock Take’ option from the menu
3) Select a count location, i.e. Store or Warehouse
4) Click inside the ‘Search for Barcode’ textbox and then simply SCAN the barcode of the product you wish to count. A description will appear to confirm that you have correctly identified the item
5) Repeat this process for all stock, selecting a count location and scanning each item
6) When complete, click the ‘Allow Proceed’ checkbox and then click ‘Next’
7) As per the ‘Style/Design Confirm’ method, click ‘Next’ and then confirm whether you wish to perform a ‘Partial Reset’ or ‘Full Reset’.

Making your Stock Count Figures Live

1) You can choose to print a stock take report, showing a comparison of before and after the count – this can be filtered by choosing ‘All Items’ or ‘Only Counted Items’
2) To commit the count figures and make them live, choose between ‘Partial Reset’ or ‘Full Reset’, as explained below ‐ ticking the ‘Allow reset’ tick box.
Full Reset ‐ Reset stock levels for every item at the selected location to zero. Then update the stock levels for items that have been counted.
Partial Reset ‐ Reset only the stock levels for the items you have counted at the selected location. Leaves stock levels for all other items as they were before you started the count.

After either of these operations your temporary stock taking data is cleared down and the count at this location is closed.

Your figures are now live and you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen.