Staff Access Control + Security

Staff Access Control ensures only those authorised can access your sensitive data. As staff grow in your business reward them by extending their control to other aspects of the system.

  • Users have their own Login Names, Passwords and Quick PINs to use on the EPOS and Backoffice
  • Login Details and PINs can be used at any Location or Store
  • Users can have different permission levels i.e. allowed to Sell via EPOS, but not discount or refund.
  • Full Reporting available showing Sales, Discounts allowing calculation of commission etc.

You can use the Cloud Dashboard to grant a customised level of permissions for any member of staff; depending upon their position or your trust in them.  These permissions include:

  • Access to EPOS and/or Cloud Dashboard for Admin Purposes
  • Sales – allow Discounting, running of Z-Reads, Refunds/Exchanges
  • Suppliers – allow adding/editing of your Supplier Details
  • Purchase Orders – allow the creation, editing and deleting of Supplier Purchase Orders
  • Goods In and Out – allow the management of goods in from Supplier or Returns to Supplier
  • Products/Inventory – allow adding, editing and deletion of products, pricing, descriptions, adjustment of stock levels etc.
  • Stock Taking – allow the Stock Taking functions and updating of your stock levels (fully audited)
  • Distribution – allow inventory to be moved between your retail locations
  • Customers – allow adding, editing and deletion of Customer Details
  • Reports – allow the viewing and extract of Sales, Inventory and Performance Reports
  • Operators – allow the adding, editing and deletion of staff permissions (usually locked down to Senior Managers)