Setting Minimum + Maximum Stock Levels for a Product

Setting Minimum + Maximum Stock Levels in SalesStream™ Cloud is really simple and brings a number of benefits particularly improving Replenishment via Purchase Order or Inter-Branch Transfer.

1) Click on the ‘Purchase Order’ icon on the Cloud Dashboard
2) Choose the Supplier of the Product(s) you wish to adjust the Min/Max Stock Level for
3) Click the ‘New Order Next’ button on the right-hand side.
4) If you are already working on a Purchase Order you will be asked to choose ‘Continue Order’ or ‘Cancel On-Going Order’
5) Choose the Location you wish to set Min/Max Stock Levels for from the top drop-down box and click the ‘>>’ button
6) You will now see the main Purchase Order Management Screen
7) Enter a product search in the Top-Left Hand Text Box i.e. ‘chablis’ in this example and press [ENTER] on your keyboard – if you wish to view a Product which is not by the selected Supplier simply click the ‘Any Supplier‘ button
8) You can now edit the ‘Min SL‘ and ‘Max SL‘ columns for each Product in your search, as required (you are shown Sales/Week and Sales/Month along with SL (Current Stock Level) to help you populate these levels more accurately
9) Click ‘Save Min Max‘ when complete and these Min + Max Stock Levels will be applied to the relevant Products.

The Min + Max Stock Level figures are used by SalesStream™ Cloud to calculate your Replenishment Figures for both Purchase Orders and Inter-Branch Transfers (IBTs)