Managing Product Barcodes

Barcodes are an extremely useful tool in retailing, they help to improve accuracy and speed things up at the point of sale.

Retailers often worry about barcodes thinking that they are much more complicated than they are.  In fact a ‘Barcode’ is just a graphical representation of a number and when scanning a barcode using a Barcode Scanner this is just like typing in the Product Barcode Number using a Keyboard (just much quicker)

Some products come pre-labelled with what is called an EAN Barcode which is normally 13 characters long, if you want to use these simply ensure that this Barcode is entered into the ‘Barcode’ field in SalesStream.  This can be done when adding products or retrospectively by looking up the relevant item in ‘Product Database’ and scanning or entering the barcode in the ‘Barcode’ text box.  Otherwise SalesStream can use (and print labels) using the 5/6 digit PLU/SKU which SalesStream automatically generates.

There are several places in SalesStream™ Cloud where you can Add/Edit Product Barcodes, depending on your preferences :

1) The Main Product Database Form – where you simply Search/Lookup the relevant Product, scroll down to the Barcode field and Type in or Scan (using a USB Barcode Scanner) the Barcode. Then simply click ‘Save‘
2) To edit Multiple Product Barcodes you can use the Product Datasheet view
3) If adding Product Barcodes for ‘Suspended‘ or ‘Newly Created Items’ you can simply choose the Suspended Products option from the Products Menu and then Type/Scan the relevant Barcodes in, ticking or selecting all and then clicking ‘Save‘ once complete.

Here is a link to a very useful guide to Printing Product Barcode Labels from SalesStream.