Managing Categories

1) Click on the ‘Products + Inventory‘ icon on the Cloud Management Dashboard, you will see the Products Sub-Menu
2) Scroll down and Click the ‘Categories‘ button.

As you will see in SalesStream you can define a number of levels of category to your Products/Inventory, these levels are explained here

Category – the bottom level and category name by which you would most often refer to the product, i.e. Jeans, T-Shirts.  This is the category that is used most throughout the SalesStream reports and on features such as the Z-Read so you should take care to make these meaningful.

Category Group – a higher level of category which groups your category together i.e. Mens, Womens, Children.  This is not as actively used in reporting.

Category Master – the highest level of categorisation i.e. Fashion, Food, Drinks.

To ensure consistency of Reporting we recommend that you consider your categories and keep these consistent over your use of the system.  This will allow you to more accurately compare sales from different years/periods, especially valuable in Fashion Retail.

Adding Categories

Simply enter the relevant name into the three boxes Category, Group and Master as explained above and click ‘Save’

Deleting Categories

Click ‘Select’ next to the category you wish to Delete/Remove.  If there are Products associated with the Category you will be asked which existing category to re-assign the products to, simply select the correct category and click ‘Re-Assign’.