Correcting/Adjusting a Product Stock Level

Sometimes it is necessary to manually stock adjust items (outside of stocktaking), as a result of Breakage, Theft (Internal/External), Inaccurate Goods In/Out.

1) Click on the ‘Products + Inventory‘ icon on the Cloud Dashboard
2) Click/Choose the ‘Product Database’ option
3) Search for the Product you wish to adjust the Stock Level of in the usual way (by Description, Barcode or SKU/PLU)
4) If you have more than one Store/Location you can click the ‘+’ button next to the Group Stock Level (shown below) to see the Stock Levels of this Product at each Location.

Base Stock – the Physical Qty of Stock you hold for this Item (at the listed Location)
Reserved – the Qty of In-Store Reservations for this Item (at the listed Location)
Web RSV – the Qty of Web/Internet Reservations for this Item (at the listed Location)
Free Stock – the Actual/Available Stock, in effect the Base/Physical Stock less any Reserved, Returned Items etc.

5) Click the ‘Stock Level Wizard’ button as highlighted in orange above or go to ‘Special‘ on the top menu bar and click ‘Stock Level Correction‘.
6) Choose the Location you wish to add/deduct stock from using the first drop-down box
7) Select the Reason for the second drop-down box – there are numerous pre-defined reasons to choose from:

a) Internal Theft
b) External Theft
c) Breakage
d) Out Of Date
e) Internal Useage
f) Other
g) Stock Taking Error
h) Supplier Error
i) Incorrect Goods In
j) Incorrect Goods Out
h) Website Sale

8) Choose whether you wish to Add (Increase) or Deduct (Decrease) your Stock Level for the chosen product
9) Enter the Adjustment Qty, i.e. 4 – note that the current stock level is display on the right-hand side
10) Enter a Reason/Note explaining why the Stock Level is being adjusted (for auditing purposes)
11) Click the Checkbox to Authorise the adjustment
12) Click the ‘Make Adjustment‘ button

** Note : A security Audit Log is shown at the bottom of the page displaying any adjustments with a date/time stamp and operator name