Producing a Stock Valuation Report

You can produce a Stock Valuation Report as follows :

1) Login to SalesStream™ Cloud Online Management and click the ‘Reports + Credit Notes‘ button
2) Next click ‘Reports‘ from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen
3) The Stock Valuation Reports are available in the Accountancy Section of the Reports Panel – you can view these by clicking the Accountancy Icon on the Top Bar
4) Scroll down to find Reports 25 or 49 and choose which is most relevant for you, clicking the ‘Select‘ button.
5) Finally click the ‘Display‘ button to view the report.

Clicking the ‘+‘ symbol next to the Product Categories allows you to view the individual Products and their Stock Levels + Values. Both the Value at Cost (traditionally used for Accountancy) and Value at Retail are included here.

The data can be copy and pasted into Excel for further analysis.