Inventory Management

Inventory Management comprises a comprehensive suite of tools to manage pricing, profit margin control and real time stock levels of your inventory.

  • Create New Products
  • Assign Barcodes for easy scanning on EPOS
  • Assign upto 5 Retail Price Bands
  • Assign Private Pricing to certain products which are specific to one Customer and can have an automatic expiration date
  • Manage Fashion Designs, Colours and Sizes
  • Assign upto 6 User Defined Fields (unique to your business)
  • Hold all information on your Inventory online, where it is easy to access from anywhere and automatically backed up
  • Work on adding or updating Products from anywhere you have web access
  • Full Inventory Management Reports to help you track Stock Levels + Valuations, Profitability

A wealth of other inventory management based features are also available including Reservations, Click + Collect and Customisable/Personalised Item Orders.