Goods In – Purchase Order Method (Search Supplier)

This method allows you to Book In or Receive Goods that you have ordered on a SalesStream generated Purchase Order.

Any orders you have completed using other methods or systems will need to be booked in using the Manual or Fashion Matrix Methods. Please note that for items to be Booked In using Goods In they must exist in SalesStream™ Cloud and will need creating before they can be booked in.

1) Click the ‘Goods In’ icon on the Cloud Dashboard (as shown above left)
2) Click ‘Search Supplier’
3) Choose the relevant Supplier Name from the Drop Down Box (you will only see the Supplier Names for whom you have Outstanding or Part Delivered Purchase Orders)
4) You will see a list just like the one above with all Purchase Orders (Outstanding or Part Delivered) for that Supplier, with Reference Numbers, Date Ordered + Expected
5) Click ‘Select’ on the Purchase Order you wish to receive stock in for
6) Enter the Qty you wish to Book In/Receive in the ‘Count’ column or click ‘Auto Fill Page’ to automatically fill in the Qty(s)
7) Click ‘Save Page Count’
8) Finally click ‘Commit’
9) If all Products/Items on the Purchase Order have been delivered in full
10) Click ‘Close PO’ to complete the booking in of your Purchase Order
11) If not all of the Products/Items on your Purchase Order have been delivered and entered on the previous screen
12) You will be presented with a list of the outstanding Products/Items for the selected Purchase Order. If you expect the balance of the Products to be delivered in the future click ‘Leave PO Open’, the selected Purchase Order will now have a status of ‘PART DELIVERED’. If however your Supplier is unable to supply the balance of the Products click ‘Remove from PO’ and the Purchase Order will be closed.