Goods In – Fashion Matrix Method

To book Goods In using the ‘Fashion Matrix’ click the ‘Goods In’ icon on the Cloud Dashboard, as above and you will see the Goods In Menu.

1) Click the ‘Matrix’ (Fashion Matrix Processing) option.

Please note that for Products/Items to be Booked In using ‘Goods In’ they must exist in SalesStream™ Cloud and will need creating before they can be booked in. This method relies on your Products/Items being setup with a ‘Design’ or ‘Style’ i.e. a shirt may have a Design Code EX-001 and then be available in 3 different colours and 5 different sizes. The Fashion Matrix Goods In screen automatically displays all of these Colour vs Size options when you come to book the Products/Items in.

2) Select the Location you wish to book Products/Items into using the first drop-down list
3) Select the Supplier you wish to book Products/Items in from using the second drop-down list
4) Enter a ‘Delivery Note Reference’
5) Enter a Design/Style Search Phrase for the Product/Item Range you wish to Book In i.e. ‘EX-001’ as above and click ‘Search‘ or [ENTER] on your keyboard
6) The Colours which this Product/Item is available in (depending on how you have setup your Products, as described above) will be listed in the List Box on the left-hand side
7) Click the Product/Item Colour which you wish to work with or Book In
8) The Product/Item Sizes that are available for the selected Colour will be displayed in the grid on the right-hand side (upto 36 Sizes available)
9) Enter the relevant Qtys you wish to book in (leave any sizes which aren’t relevant blank)
10) Click ‘Save Count‘
11) You will see the Products/Items along with their Colour, Size and Qty in the list at the bottom of the screen
12) Repeat the process for each Colour you wish to work with by clicking the relevant Colour on the List Box
13) You can also repeat the entire process by searching for another Design/Style
14) Finally you can Commit the Products/Items to stock by clicking the Tick Box ‘Username clicked to authorise goods inwards’
15) Click ‘Commit’ – the Products/Items Stock Level will be immediately updated and they will be available to sell on your EPOS, you will see a green message which confirms this