Customer Relationship Management

Your hub for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – view your customer contact details, see their purchase history and view account history such as current balance, credit limits and any debits or credits.

A fully comprehensive CRM system which empowers your retail business, helping you to learn more about your customers and their buying behaivour.  Your EPOS is collecting information about your customers with every sale you process and SalesStream want to ensure you get the most out of this data.

  • View Contact Details
  • Apply Customer Price Bands
  • Apply Private Pricing
  • View Account Balance, Credit Limit, Debits and Credits
  • Produce Reports to show you which customers purchase which items – with full date/time history, pricing, purchase location and who they were served by.

An even more advanced module is coming soon to help you to provide 1st Class Customer Service – whether your customers are In-Store/Retail, eCommerce/Online, Telephone or Mail Order. More further information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.