EPOS Software

EPOS Software, Affordable, Powerful, Flexible and Robust – delivered via the Web and works on Windows PC, Mac and Android.

SalesStream is a real time system that enables you and your team to work together simultaneously, prices can be altered, new products added, orders raised to suppliers and reports generated as sales are made in store.

SalesStream is truly expandable system scalable from single store single POS to multiple store multiple POS and Ecommerce integration.

SalesStream EPOS Software is a robust and feature rich EPOS Software System for Independent Retailers providing you with real time Stock Control, Reservations, Click and collect and dozens of other essential features.

SalesStream EPOS software that can work when your Internet connection is down and catching up later automatically when your connection is restored.

All the features you will ever need in a single easy to operate package used by hundreds of UK Retailers of all sizes and scale. Used by over 1000 of the UK’s leading independent retailers for the last 18 years

Our Cloud Based EPOS Software manages all aspects of your Retail Business, including :


  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Special Orders
  • Goods In
  • Goods Out (Returns)
  • Products + Inventory
  • Distribution (Inter-Branch Transfers)
  • Warehouse Picking + Dispatch System
  • Stock Taking
  • Web EPOS
  • Customer Service
  • eCommerce/Webstore Integration
  • Customer + Account Management
  • Credit Note Management
  • Real-Time Statistics + Reports
  • User + Operator Management
  • Data Exchange + API’s.

EPOS Software that loads onto any PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10.

Suitable in almost any retail sector, SalesStream™ is quick to install via download (No expensive engineer visits needed), needs no complex servers or networks and can be managed by numerous people simultaneously from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

SalesStream™ is Multi Till, Multi Store/Location and Multi Channel EPOS software, which means it will grow with your business as you open new stores – just supply an Internet connection.

SalesStream is a Multi-Channel Retail System providing you with full control of your business – whether you are a Single Site Retailer, Multi-Site, Online Business or any combination of these.

Our EPOS Software is Affordable, Powerful, Flexible and Robust and delivered via the Web – works on Windows, iOS (Apple) and Android.

We have been working with Independent Retailers across the UK and Europe, we have hundreds of very happy customers who have transformed and empowered their retail businesses over the last 20 years as a result of adopting SalesStream – a powerful and complete retail management solution.

The Team at SalesStream understand the potentially complex nature of the evolving Multi-Channel Retail market.
Our solutions seek to provide you (and your staff) with a simple to use framework, bringing you a number of features normally reserved for the EPOS software used by large high street retailers.
Level the playing field bringing powerful change including increased income and profits, improved Stock Control, Staff Security Features, Intelligent Buying/Purchasing, eCommerce Integration and Comprehensive Reporting/Analytics.
Our EPOS Software is really easy to use, as is our fully integrated Cloud/Web Based Management Suite. Monitor Live Sales Performance, Stock Levels and integrated with Multi-Channels i.e. eCommerce and Direct Mail.
SalesStream™ features the ‘Left to Right’ retail principle conceived by SalesStream over 20 years ago, affording the retailer a strong business system around which they can grow and succeed.

SalesStream EPOS is UK designed and owned and evolves quickly to cater for the latest retail trends.

What does it Cost?

Systems start from £125 per month, dependent on your requirements.

Can I link an eCommerce Site?

Yes, SalesStream is fully scalable from Single Store to Multi-Till or Multi-Store – Multi till system installations and Centrally managed from web delivered management system.

There is no limit to how many stores and point of sale you can attach to the Cloud Back office system.  A very flexible and competitive pricing scheme also offers you a number of pricing options so that you grow or contract your business as required, adding on extra modules/features such as Warehousing, eCommerce Integration when required.

How do I manage the In-Store EPOS Systems?

  • Each installation of the EPOS Software is managed centrally using the Cloud Back Office system
  • There is no limit to how many installations you can have in as many stores as you need.
  • Any number of your staff can access the Back Office system simultaneously as required, for example price changes can be made as another user adds new items and raises orders.
  • You can log into the Back Office system using a password and PIN from anywhere you have Internet access 24/7/365. Why not log in from the airport on your IPad whilst travelling for business?
  • All data is in Real-Time – meaning that you and colleagues can open the same report regardless of wherever you are working from and make collaborative decisions.
  • Gone are the days of the ‘Monday Morning Post-Mortem’ – Real-Time Data buys you the time to make decisions as they matter – start the sale – delay the sale – you will be in control.
  • Your book-keeper or accountant can have their own log in – allowing them access to the stock valuation reports and sales reports they need to keep your profit and loss reports up to date improving your financial picture.
  • All reports can be viewed on screen or downloaded into Excel for further processing or printed off.

Can I link an eCommerce Site?

SalesStream has a number of eCommerce Integration Tools – from Customised API Integration which can work with most modern eCommerce sites to a built-in integration with Magento ecommerce.

Join SalesStream Cloud Today and benefit from complete online integration for the modern retail business!

Please contact us on 0333 247 0123 or complete our Contact Us Form to arrange your FREE demonstration.


Cloud EPOS the next generation of EPOS system enables a retailer to link many locations in real time providing up to the second live stock levels and real time reporting.

You whole team can work simultaneously wherever their location. Connect from your desktop or on the move using your tablet or smart phone.

Compatible with Mac, PC and Android devices cloud epos allows you to control your business from wherever you are.

No longer constricted to trading from your stores trade from exhibitions, shows and pop up stores simply linking over the mobile phone network.

Even if you loose your connection during a sale everything will resume at the point you left off.

Cloud EPOS from SalesStream empowers the modern independent retailer with technology in many cases superior to that used by the retail giants.

Click and Collect, reservations, credit accounts all managed in real time and securely. Hosted on Dell servers in professional data centres Salesstream Cloud EPOS offers great value and 24/7 365 availability.

SalesStream is a Cloud EPOS software system, meaning that it is delivered via the web bowser on your Phone, Tablet or desktop.

The heart of the system is based in secure data centres and backed up continuously. All you need to access the system is a reliable Internet connection which means you do away with expensive servers and network cables.

The system requires no installation and therefore all expensive engineer visits are eliminated. You literally will be up and running in minutes.

Because SalesStream is Cloud EPOS software system you can choose to work from any location you have an Internet connection or use mobile 3G ‘dongles’ to work away from the office.

There are no restrictions to where you can access your system from so next time you are travelling abroad keep an eye on the sales activity in store – in real time!

Likewise there are no restrictions to how many people can access the back office system, so you could have home workers managing your product database, raising orders and receiving deliveries whilst sales staff are freed up to concentrate on the job in hand.