Taking Payment(s)

Once your product basket is complete click ’Payment’, you can choose to make payment by clicking:

Cash Sale
Credit Note – Redeem
Accounts > covered more in another help-guide, link to follow.

If you are taking the Full + Correct Payment

1) Click the Payment Type (i.e. Card, Voucher, Cash) and then click ‘Pay’.
2) Your receipt will print immediately to your printer; or you will see the following screen (depending upon system setup – this can be changed via your Support Manager)
3) Any change due will be displayed on the front screen above the SalesStream IP-EPOS logo and ‘Lookup’ button.

If you are taking more than one Type of Payment/a Split Payment

1) Click ‘Clear‘ and use the number pad/keyboard to enter the first Amount/Value to be taken (i.e. £60.00 Cash)
2) Click the Payment Type (i.e. Card, Voucher, Cash) and click ‘Pay’
3) This will deduct the first value paid off the total balance; you can then pay the balance or another partial amount/value by another method, i.e. Card
4) There is no limit to the number of split payments you can make.
5) When total balance is covered and payment is complete (depending upon your setup) you will either receive a print-out to receipt paper/printer or an A4 invoice

** At any point in taking payment you can click ‘Cancel’ to return to the EPOS screen and cancel all payments taken and start again (this is not the case if you have charged any sales to a Customer Account, Head Office would need to adjust the customer’s balance)

Issuing + Redeeming a Customer Credit Note

This is covered in a separate topic . . . . coming soon

Charging a Sale to a Customer’s Credit Account

1) Click the ‘Accounts‘ tab or button on the right hand side of the screen
2) This will display the Customer’s Credit Account; Status (Overdue, Active etc.), Account Balance, Credit Limit, Amount Available to Spend, Date of Last Credit and Date of Last Debit
3) To charge the current Sale to the Customer’s Account simply click the ‘Make Charge‘ button

** Note – Customer Account Balances are managed Live on the SalesStream™ EPOS Cloud Server. If you click the ‘Make Charge‘ button several times or make a mistake doing so the Customer’s account will need to be corrected using the Online Management Pages.