Taking Deposits from a Customer

The Deposit Process is very simple :

1) Click on the ‘Cust Enq‘ button or press [F5] on your keyboard
2) Lookup/Search for the relevant customer or Add them if they are a New Customer
3) Click the ‘ACC Payment/Deposit‘ button
4) Enter a ‘Note’ for the Deposit, as per the example below (a Default is automatically created)
5) Enter a ‘Deposit Value’ in the relevant box, £150.00 in the example below :
6) Click the ‘Make Deposit‘ button
7) Then click the ‘Continue‘ button, this will take you back to the EPOS Sales Screen
8) Click ‘Payment‘ and record the Method of Payment/Tender Type(s) as per a normal EPOS Sale. Note that you can take a Deposit Payment and also perform a standard EPOS Sale for items which are being sold at that time.

You will see that the Deposit Note you entered on the previous screen will be printed on the Customer’s Receipt for their and your reference.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Deposit Payments are managed LIVE on our Cloud Servers, hence once you have clicked the ‘Make Deposit‘ button the value entered will be added to the relevant customer’s account. Therefore if you then need or decide to cancel a Sale and NOT take payment you will need to ensure that you ask your Manager/Accounts Team to reconcile the Customer’s Account using the Cloud/Online Account Management System.

Recalling a Deposit

When the Customer returns and wants to pay for Products/Items using the Deposit(s) they have made simply SCAN the relevant Products and then click ‘Cust Enq‘, lookup the relevant Customer and then go to ‘Payment‘ select ‘Account‘ and you will see the money available on Deposit for that customer.

Simply click ‘Charge Account‘ to use the deposit(s) to pay for the Item(s) being sold and then take any further payment (Card or Cash), if required.

Unlike the older versions of SalesStream no reservation or alteration of stock levels is changed during the deposit process. This is by design and avoids a VAT tax point being raised triggering VAT liability at the point of deposit.