Table/Bill Service

Managing Tables in SalesStream Cloud EPOS is a really simple process; allowing you to assign items to tables, transfer tables, split a table into multiple bills and much more.

Creating a New Table

1) Lookup initial Products/Items for the Customer
2) Click the ‘Table Service’ button on the right-hand side of the main EPOS Screen
3) Click ‘New Table’ and enter a table number, i.e. 8 in the example below (you can also add a sub-table number i.e. 8_2):
4) Click ‘Save Table’ and then ‘Close’ (you can press [ENTER] to jump between Save and Close)
5) The items will automatically be added to that table and you will be logged out

Adding more Items/Charging to an Existing Table

1) Add additional items to the Sales Screen
2) Click the ‘Table Service’ button, highlight the table you wish to append items to and click the ‘Charge To’ button

At any time you can login and click the ‘Table Service’ button to view a list of open tables. Clicking on a table from the list will display all items on that bill and also the last time that table was served and by whom.

Splitting/Transferring a Table

1) Click ‘Table Service’ and highlight the relevant Table
2) Click ‘Pay for Items’ and then click ‘Pay off Items’ to move all items or highlight the items you wish to transfer.
3) The items will appear in the Sales Screen – now click ‘Table Service’, now
a) Click ‘New Table’ to transfer the items to a new table or
b) Click on an existing table and click the ‘Charge To’ button to transfer items to an existing table.

Paying off a Table Bill

1) Click the ‘Table Service’ button
2) Click on the relevant table (you can see information re when the customer was last served and by whom on the top-right of your screen)
3) Click ‘Pay for Items’