Suspended Sales (Layaway Feature)

In retail environments there is often a scenario whereby a Customer comes to the Till/EPOS with Product(s) to purchase, you enter these into the EPOS Screen/Basket and then they wander off or ask about additional Products.

Rather than ‘Cancel’ the Sale and lose all Item Pricing and Details you can simply click the ‘Lock EPOS’ button or press [F8] on your keyboard.

If you wish to Save the Products in the EPOS Basket/Screen for later retrieval click ‘Suspend Sale’ and then ‘Close’

If you do not need to Save the Products in the EPOS Basket/Screen click ‘Clear Items’ and then ‘Close’

When you next login with your PIN Number you will see the screen below if any Products have been Saved/Suspended:

Simply Click the relevant Line which will show the Name of the Customer (if recorded), the Value of the Suspended Sale and the EPOS User/Operator Name.

Click ‘Select’ to Retrieve the Suspended Sale and then ‘Close’, the Products/Items for that Suspended Sale will automatically be loaded into the EPOS Sales Screen.

Please note that you will need to ‘Lookup’ the Customer Name again using ‘Cust Enq’ as this will perform an upto date Credit and Customer Details Check – the Suspended Sale could be several days/weeks old.