Refunds to Customer/Credit Account

1) Click the ‘Refund‘ button (F5) to put your Till/EPOS Terminal in Refund Mode.
2) The EPOS Screen will go pink to show that you are in Refund Mode
3) Now Scan, Lookup or enter the PLU of the Item/Product you wish to Refund
4) The Item/Product will appear in the EPOS Sales Screen with a Negative Qty and Price
5) If you have additional Items/Products to Refund repeat the process above – ensuring you click ‘Refund‘ before Looking Up/Scanning
6) If you are simply Refunding a Customer now click ‘Payment‘
7) Click ‘Accounts’ (covered here) – this should be the same as the way the goods were originally paid for.
8) A Refund receipt will then print, which you should get the Customer to sign.
9) If you are exchanging an item first Refund the Item and then Scan/Lookup the Replacement Item as shown below :
10) Finally click ‘Payment‘
11) If the Total Sale Value equals Zero, i.e. Refunded Item and Replacement Item have the same price click ‘Sale Complete‘ to complete the sale (Please let us know if you need the Sale Complete Option activating, it is normally disabled by default for security reasons)