Refreshing + Updating your SalesStream™ EPOS Data

Adding/Editing of your Product Data, Pricing etc. is carried out using SalesStream™ Cloud Online Management. As a result it is necessary to update your EPOS/Till on a regular basis to ensure that all products and pricing are up to date.

This is done by carrying out a ‘Terminal Update‘/’Update Terminal’ or a ‘Full Refresh‘ from the ‘Manager‘ menu.

– ‘Terminal Updates‘/’Update Terminal’ should be carried out frequently (daily, is possible) > this downloads any new products and price changes plus updates any Terminal Settings such as New Users, Permissions and Receipt Text etc.

– ‘Full Refresh‘ – this process takes much longer than a ‘Terminal Update’ as it downloads your entire Product Database (can be tens of thousands of products for some customers). As a result you should only use this option if instructed to do so by a JSA Support Manager.

Terminal Updates

1) Click ‘Manager‘ to access the Management Options Screen
2) Click the ‘Update Terminal’ button
3) Click the ‘Update Terminal’ button
4) Wait until you see the Update Completion Message
5) Click ‘Print Changes’ if you wish to do so; this allows you to see the details of newly added products, products with changed prices etc; very useful as you can then go around your store(s) and re-label items if necessary
6) Finally click ‘Close SalesStream‘ when the button is available
7) Log back in and you will see all Products, Prices, Operators/Users and Settings will have been updated.

** Please note that the ‘Print Changes’ are currently only set to print to Receipt Printer the A4 Option is not live.

Full Refresh

As explained above a Full Refresh is not necessary on a regular basis unless you are asked to do so by a member of our Technical/Support Team.

Please note that depending upon the size of your Product File (the number of items you stock/hold in your database) and the speed of your internet connection this can take a long time – potentially hours. Therefore it is always best to run a Full Refresh after you have closed your store and performed a Z-Read, leaving it to run overnight.

1) Click ‘Manager‘
2) Click ‘Full Refresh‘
3) Click ‘Refresh Data‘ to refresh or re-download all of your data, including Products; or
4) Click ‘Part Refresh‘ to download everything except your Product Data
5) You must allow the download to complete; you will see a button ‘Re-Start SalesStream‘ when the update is complete.