Receipt Printer Setup + Re-Printing Receipts

Installing your EPSON TM-T88V or EPSON TM-T20 Receipt Printer

In most cases you will find that your SalesStream™ Engineer will have already installed and configured your EPSON Receipt Printer (provided you have a Receipt Printer). If you need to re-install the Receipt Printer for any reason you can do so as follows :

1) Simply browse to the ‘SalesStream IP-EPOS’ folder on your PC and open the folder called ‘EpsonDriver’.
2) Here you will find a file called ‘APD_410E.exe‘ (or ‘APD_210E.exe‘), simply double-click it to launch the Installation.
3) You may see a Windows ‘User Account Control’ Message, please click ‘Yes‘ if you do to allow the installation to proceed.
4) Choose ‘Custom‘ (should be the default) and click ‘Next
5) Click ‘Next‘ and then ‘Next‘ again
6) Click ‘Add
7) Choose your Receipt Printer Model from the Drop-Down List, usually an ‘EPSON TM-T88V Receipt’ or ‘EPSON TM-T20 Receipt’ (you can check this by looking at the sticker on the printer)
8) Select your Port Type (should be ‘Create a USB Port’)
9) Click ‘Next
10) Click ‘Next‘ 3 more times until the installation begins
11) Finally click ‘Finish

Once you have done this you will be able to see the EPSON TM-T88V Printer in ‘Devices + Printers’ by going to your Windows Start Button.

Configuring your Receipt Printer, A4 Printer & Label/Barcode Printer

When you choose to Print a Receipt, Reprint a Receipt, Print a ‘Z-Read’, Perform a ‘No Sale’ or record a Paid Out you will see the following print option screen :

To configure your print settings please click ’Manager’, then ’Re-Print Receipt’ and then the ‘Setup’ button.

First of all select your A4 Printer from the list of installed printers (as shown on the left). You can select the A4 receipt type you would like to use by choosing from the dropdown list and also set the location of your logo (if application) Click ‘Next’ to configure your Receipt Printer Settings.

Select your Receipt Printer from the list of installed printers and then choose the receipt type you wish to use from the dropdown box; the standard EPSON Receipt Printer that we recommend for use with SalesStream Cloud is the EPSON TM-T88V – this will appear in the printers list (as shown on the left) as EPSON TM-T88V Receipt and then may be suffixed by ’E4’

Click ‘Next’ and complete the rest of the questions as asked by the setup wizard or click ‘Close’ if complete.

Adding your Company Logo to your Receipts

This process varies by printer to printer, the below is the process for adding a logo to an EPSON TM-T88V Receipt Printer.  If you require assistance with adding a logo to any other EPSON TM Printer Model please contact us by using the Contact Form

1) Go to Devices + Printers from within Control Panel
2) Right-click the relevant receipt printer (identify as above) and choose ‘Printing Preferences’ > Document Settings
3) Scroll down to ‘Logo Printing’ and select ‘Start of Document’.
4) Now choose ‘Select Image File to Use‘ from the drop-down box > ‘Browse‘ to the logo (must be a .BMP, .JPG, .PNG or .GIF to answer your question) and click ‘Open’.
5) Finally you can set the position and sizing of the logo – you will see a preview of this on the right hand side.