Printing Product Barcode Labels

This feature allows you to print Barcode Labels for your Products; SalesStream Cloud provides a number of options.

Barcodes are basically a different ‘font’ that represents a number – either stored in the SalesStream ‘Barcode’ or ‘PLU’ field.

Please note that SalesStream Cloud will not print EAN Barcodes (long digits) as you must have specific permission to do so and these are normally produced by your manufacturers or suppliers. SalesStream Cloud will however give you the option to print self-generated codes or the PLU/SKU in place of an EAN.

For speed SalesStream uses the Product Data on your Till/EPOS when printing labels so we recommend completing a Terminal Update before you begin the labelling process to ensure that you have the latest products, descriptions, pricing etc.

1) To access the ‘Barcode Manager‘ feature click ‘Manager‘ or [F4] on your keyboard
2) Click the ‘Barcoding‘ button
3) Search for the Product you wish to print a barcode label for by entering a search phrase in the text box (‘example’ in the screenshot above) and press [ENTER] on your keyboard.
4) Select/Click on the item you wish to label from the Results List (‘Example Mens Tailored Shirt – M – Navy’ in the screenshot above)
5) Enter the Qty of Labels you require for that item
6) Check that the correct Price Band is selected (usually this would be Price Band 1)
7) Click the ‘Add to Print List‘ button. The item(s) will be added to the print queue which you can edit at any time by clicking ‘Edit Queue‘ or delete by clicking ‘Delete Queue
8) When you have added all relevant products to the Print Queue and are ready to print click the ‘Next‘ button
9) Finally choose the Label Type you wish to print from the options list and Click the ‘Print‘ button, there are 4 available options :

a) Barcode Label Example – Standard 8 per sheet label with price J8165
b) Barcode Label Example – Standard 21 per sheet label with price J8160
c) Barcode Label Example – Standard 65 per sheet label with price
d) Barcode Label Example – Standard 65 per sheet label no price

You can click on the 4 links above to see an example of the what the printed labels will look like.

If the Barcodes on your labels don’t display as a Barcode but simply a Number/Text it may be that you simply don’t have a Barcode Font installed. Simply go to My Computer and browse to ‘C Drive’ > ‘SalesStream IP-EPOS’ > ‘Barcode_Font’. Then right-click the icon for ’30f9.ttf’ and click ‘Install‘.

There is also an option to print labels for items you have recently booked in, more information to follow.

We recommend Avery A4 Labels and the specification for the A4 – 65 labels per sheet can be found on the link below :

To specify which A4 Printer your labels will be printed to go to ‘Manager‘ (F4), then ‘Re-Print Receipt‘ and ‘Setup‘ and check/confirm your printing options by running through the wizard. If you haven’t already completed this step you will be automatically prompted to do so.