No Sales + Paid Outs

No Sale

1) Click ‘Manager’ and then ‘No Sale’ to eject the Cash Drawer without the need for performing a sale.
2) Select either ‘No Sale A4’ or ‘No Sale’, depending upon whether you have a receipt printer.

Paid Outs

To keep track of money paid out of the till (i.e. for flowers, window cleaning etc) use the ’Paid Out’ feature :

1) Click ‘Manager’ and then ‘Paid Out’, enter the value of the Paid Out i.e 10.00 and a reason, then click ‘Print’ to print a paid out receipt
2) Click ‘Save Paid Out’ to record this to the server. Any values entered in this screen will show up when you perform a Z-read.

You can then select whether to print the Paid out record to A4 or Receipt Printer by clicking ‘Print A4’ or ‘Print Paid Out’