Making a Department/Category or ‘Service’ Sale

You can use this feature in SalesStream™ Cloud if you need to sell items which are not in your Product File; this could be because the items are :

– Not Barcoded
– Not Priced/Labelled
– Services, such as Repairs, Hire, Postage

Rather than SCAN, LOOKUP or ENTER A PLU you can assign a Sales Value to a Specified ‘Department or Category‘, simply :
a) Type a Sales Value using the Keyboard or Onscreen Number Pad, i.e. 25 for £25.00 or 5.5 for £5.50
b) Click the relevant ‘Department/Category‘ Button on the top right-hand side of the EPOS Screen i.e. Postage in the screenshot below

To have these ‘Departments/Categories‘ setup please Contact your SalesStream­ Support Agent. If you could please email/message them in the correct order, with a Short Name and Margin % as explained above. Our engineers will set these up for you and they will appear on your EPOS/Till Terminal when you run a ‘Terminal Update‘ or ‘Full Refresh‘.

You can specify up to 34 buttons and use the ‘Up‘ and ‘Down‘ buttons to scroll through them. We do recommend trying to limit this list to 14 Departments or Categories as this is easier for Staff/Operators to use, with them all being on the front screen.

These sales will still show up in all Reports and on your Z-Reads but obviously there is no Stock Control as you are not selling specific Items/Products.

A Default Margin and VAT Rate can be assigned to the Departments. For example with VAT Rate you could add a Department/Service called ‘Royal Mail’ which does not attract VAT, yet a Department ‘Carriage’ (Private Carrier) does attract Standard VAT. By assigning a Default Margin this improves the accuracy of your profitability reports. If you don’t specify a Default Margin we will assign a 40% inc VAT to your Department/Service Buttons.