Logging In + Security

To start SalesStream™ Cloud double-click (or double-tap) the SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS Icon on your desktop, you will see the screen below:


1) Choose your Username from the list by clicking on it or moving up and down using arrows on your keyboard.
2) Press enter and type in your PIN number using the number pad and press [Enter] on your keyboard or click ‘Log In

You can Exit/Quit IP-EPOS from this screen by clicking the ‘Exit’ button.

The buttons on the bottom left of the Login Screen allow you to view :
LOCAL Users (those at just your store/location)
ROVING Users (those registered as working at all stores/locations)
ALL Users (all registered users, from all stores/locations)

You may see a pop-up menu showing Suspended Sales, which you can read more about in the Suspended Sales topic.

Retail Staff: if your username is not available you will need to be added the Users/Operators table (contact your supervisor/manager) When dealing with the SalesStream IP-EPOS support team you may be asked for an engineer code, this is the ‘Ecode’ number on the top right of the screen.

Staff/Operators : If you forget your PIN Number please ask a Manager/Supervisor to RESET your PIN for you . . instructions for doing so can be found in the ‘Managing User/Operator Accounts + Permissions’ section of the Cloud Support Help Pages.  As mentioned on this page the Manager will need to login with their PIN and run a Terminal Update (under Manager) for the new PIN to take effect on the EPOS.

Manager/Supervisors: you can add new operators using the Cloud Dashboard, as explained here – if you have any problems please Contact Us