EPOS Software Features Overview

This is a quick introduction to the main features/buttons you see on the SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS Screen:

Lookup [SPACEBAR] – allows you to search for a product or service

Alter Line [F2/F3] – allows you to Change a Product Qty, Change an Item Price, Discount a line by a % or a Global Discount (all products in customer basket)

Manager [F4] – Displays the Manager menu screen, offering options such as Z-Read, X-Read, Data Refresh, Re-Print Receipt, Goods In from Head Office and JSA Remote Assistance

Refund [F5] – click this button before scanning or looking up the item to be refunded (the word refund will be displayed to the left of the sale total box)

Customer Enq [F6] – displays customer details, including Account Balance, Purchase History, Loyalty Points (if your company has subscribed to this service), Account Payment/Deposits

Table Service – allows you to manage tables for hospitality keeping track of products consumed and then produce a final bill

Lock Till [F8] – returns the till to the login screen and offers the option to Exit/Quit (this has moved since the last version)

Special [F10] – allows access to Special Features such as Warehouse Dispatch and Reservations (more info and features to follow)

Sales Complete [F12] – allows you to close a Sale where no payment is necessary i.e. when exchanging goods of the same value

Payment – [F11] – click here when ready to take payment for the items in the current sale

Price Over [ALT+P] – Allows you to overwrite a product or service price – type in the new price click the ‘Price Over button and then scan the product barcode

Qty [ALT+Q] – Click this button before scanning an item to set the sale qty, i.e. clicking 3, then ‘Qty’ and then scanning or looking up an item would add a qty of 3 for the given Item/Product

Remove Last [ALT+T] – removes the last added product or service from the current sale Clear Items – clears all products and services from the current sale

Department/Category Buttons – these allow you to assign a one-off sale (non-specific item) to a particular category or department.

These can be set to any category/department as you wish, simply contact your JSA Support Agent to have these setup for you.

To speed up navigation and sales process you can make use of the F-Key Shortcuts, i.e. [F11] for Payment – as listed above, you can also press [ALT] on your Keyboard and any underlined letter to access that feature i.e. [ALT] + [Q] for Quantity