Z-Reads/End of Day Process

Z-Reads are a very important process within Retail.  You may also know of this process as Cashing Up, or End of Day. Z-Reads are normally run daily at the end of every trading day.

Creating a Z-Read in SalesStream EPOS

1) Click ‘Manager‘ and then ‘Z-Read‘
2) Click ‘1) Get Z Read’ to return your sales figures since your last Z-Read, inc Sales by category, refunds and tender type.

You can click ‘Get Z Read‘ as many times as you like in a day so that you can check on your figures, it is not until step 3 below that the Z-Read numbers for your terminal will be committed and sent to the Cloud and reset to zero.

3) If there is a difference between the Z-Read values and your physical count (cash, cheque, PDQ etc.) an explanation for this can be entered in the box provided at the bottom of the screen. If any cash has been taken out of the till for petty cash etc. an explanation for this can be entered in the second box provided at the bottom of the screen.
4) Click ‘Save Z‘ to record and reset the Z-Read figures for this terminal.
5) Click ‘Print’ to print out the Z-Read to your specified printer; either receipt printer, A4 printer or PDF/XPS.
6) Click ‘Close’ to close the Z-Read Screen

Our Z-Read Analysis feature allows you to review your daily transactions to help reconcile/resolve any issues with your counts.

Re-Printing a Z-Read

You can also choose to Re-Print a previous Z-Read by clicking ‘Re-Print Z’s‘, your Z-Reads are listed by Date (in Reverse Chronological Order)

Generating Z-Read Analysis

You can view/print a more detailed Z-Read breakdown by clicking ‘Z Analysis‘

Generating an X-Read

An X-Read is similar to a Z-Read, but is based on the current days takings only.

You can view your Z-Reads, End of Days or Historical Results on the Cloud – more details to follow.