Dispatching Products from Warehouse

This feature allows you to dispatch products to customers from a designated Warehouse/Location which might not be the location from which you are entering or processing the order.

The Process is really simple, as follows:

1) Process the Order as you would with a standard EPOS/Retail Sale – adding relevant items into Basket and applying relevant pricing
2) Click the ‘Cust Enq‘ button and Lookup Existing Customer or Collect Customer Details if a new customer
3) Ensure that the Customer has a Delivery Address as well as Postal/Invoice
4) Add a Delivery Message/Note to the Customer Account if relevant i.e. ‘Please leave with neighbour at No 42 if not in‘
5) Now click the ‘Special‘ button (or Press F10 on your keyboard) to see Dispatch Options you will see the screen below:

Dispatch from Warehouse Options

6) Click/Scroll down to the ‘Dispatch from Warehouse‘ option and click ‘Select‘, Double Click or press [ENTER] on your keyboard. Please note that the other features/options in this list will be coming soon. Contact your Support Agent if you would like further information on these.
7) If you wish to Dispatch All Items from your Warehouse Location click the ‘Select All‘ button and all items will be highlighted.
8) If you only wish to Part Dispatch Partia some of the Items/Products from your Warehouse Location simply click the individual lines you require.
8) Click the ‘Save‘ button and then ‘Close
9) You will now see that the Transaction Type for the items will have changed (as relevant) from ‘POS‘ to ‘DIS‘, as shown in the screenshot below:
10) The orders you have entered will now appear on our Cloud ‘Warehouse’ Pages – in Picking Lists, Review Lists and finally Despatch Lists – you can read more about this in the Cloud/Backoffice Help Section.

These Warehousing Features are available with the Enhanced PRIMO version of SalesStream™ Cloud – to find out about adding these to your package please contact the JSA Team