Credit Notes – Issuing + Redeeming

The majority of Retailers prefer to issue Credit Notes rather than give customers a Cash or Card Refund. This ensures that the customer will spend their money with yourselves and not a competitor.

There are several options for Credit Notes in SalesStream Cloud – you can set the Message on the Note and the Validity, i.e. Number of Days the Credit Note will last for or when it will expire. SalesStream Cloud then manages these Credit Notes for you automatically

Issuing Credit Notes

The Process is issuing a Credit Note is almost identical to Refund/Exchange, as follows :

1) Click the ‘Refund’ button (F5) to put your Till/EPOS Terminal in Refund Mode.
2) The EPOS Screen will go pink to show that you are in Refund Mode
3) Now Scan, Lookup or enter the PLU of the Item/Product you wish to Refund
4) The Item/Product will appear in the EPOS Sales Screen with a Negative Qty and Price
5) If you have additional Items/Products to Refund repeat the process above – ensuring you click ‘Refund‘ before Looking Up/Scanning
6) This is now where the process varies slightly from a Cash/Card Refund. Now click the ‘Credit Note – Issue‘ button on the right-hand side.
7) Enter a reason for the Credit Note being issued, i.e. item unwanted or product damaged
8) Enter the Customer’s Postcode (for use when Retrieving/Redeeming the Credit Note at a later date)
9) Click ‘Issue‘ to generate the Credit Note
10) Click ‘Print‘ to print the Credit Note
11) Finally click ‘Proceed‘ to print a Receipt for the Credit Note Transaction

Redeeming Credit Notes

1) When a customer presents you with a Credit Note they wish to redeem SCAN/Lookup all of the Products they wish to buy
2) Click on ‘Payment‘
3) As when taking a normal payment you can make Split Payments by entering the value to be charged to Cash, Card etc. and clicking ‘Pay‘
4) To redeem a Credit Note click the ‘Credit Note – Redeem‘ button
5) Enter the ‘Credit Note Number‘ or the ‘Customer’s Postcode‘ and click ‘Search‘ or ENTER
6) You will see a list of matching Credit Notes with details (in the list and below when you click on a given Credit Note) telling you :
a) Credit Note Number, b) Credit Note Value, c) Credit Note Validity in days, d) Origin – which of your Stores/Locations the note was generated
7) Select the relevant Credit Note from the list and if you are happy to redeem it simply click ‘Redeem‘
8) SalesStream will automatically calculate if any balance is remaining and will ask to you to take Payment by Card/Cash etc. A receipt will be generated and if the Credit Note is not fully spent and a Balance remains a new Credit Note for this balance will be generated.

NOTE : If you issued Credit Notes in SalesStream Traditional or another EPOS System previous to SalesStream Cloud these can’t be imported into the new system.

Our recommendation is that you start issuing New Credit Notes using SalesStream Cloud and that we add you a Tender Type for ‘Old Credit Notes’, eventually all old notes will expire or be redeemed and you can then rely on and benefit from the excellent Credit Note Management features of SalesStream Cloud.