Creating Quotations

Creating Quotations using SalesStream™ Cloud is simple, as follows:

1) Add the items into the EPOS Sales Screen that you wish to Quote for and edit Pricing as required
2) Click on the ‘Cust Enq‘ button or press [F5] on your keyboard
3) Lookup/Search for the relevant customer or Add them if they are a New Customer
4) Now click the ‘Quotation‘ button found on the bottom left hand-side of the screen, as highlighted in orange above.

This will show any active quotations for the selected Customer and also offers the following options, as follows :

a) Get Quotations – lists All Quotations on SalesStream™ Cloud for the selected Customer
b) Get Quotations (Any Customer) – lists All Quotations on SalesStream™ Cloud
c) Start New Quotation – allows you to create a New Quotations, once you have entered relevant Products and Pricing in the EPOS Sales Screen
d) Update Quotation – this will update the Quotation, based on the Products and Pricing currently displayed in the EPOS Sales Screen (a Prompt appears to confirm this)
e) View Quotation – allows you to View the selected Quotation, you can Right-Click and select ‘Print Preview’ to print the Quotation to A4.
f) Load Quotation into EPOS – load any items/products contained within the selected Quotation into the EPOS Sales Screen ready for Sale/Processing – ensure that the current EPOS Sales Screen is clear as if there are products currently loaded/entered the quotation products will be added to these.
g) Cancel – simply leave the current screen and return to the EPOS Sales Screen

Creating a New Quotation

1) As explained earlier simply add the relevant Products/Items to the EPOS Sales Screen and adjust Qtys and Pricing as required (if a Customer has Private Pricing activated this will automatically be invoked)
2) When you click ‘New Quotation‘ you will then see the screen above. This allows you to define the Validity Period for the Quotation and add a Note to help you recall and retrieve the Quotation at a later point, i.e. Christmas Wine Fair for Company XXX
3) You can then ‘Save‘ and/or ‘View‘ and ‘Print‘ the Quotation.