Checking a Product/Item Stock Level

To view the Live Stock Level of an Item at any or all of your locations you can select the relevant product from the lookup results list and click ‘Stock Level & Enquiry’.

When you do so you will see a screen that looks as follows :

a) Stock Levels

Alongside the ‘Free Stock’ level at all of your store locations you can see :

– Base Stock – the ‘True’ Level of Stock for an item, ignoring Items on Transfer, Reservations etc.
– IBT To Here – the number of items (qty) currently on IBT or Stock Transfer to the given location.
– Returned to Supplier – the number of items (qty) which are currently in your Goods Out Process – not reconciled or credited etc.
– Reserved – the number of items (qty) which have been Manually Reserved or Reserved via your Web Site.
– On Order – the number of items (qty) which are currently On Order from your Supplier(s)
– Stock Level Min – the Minimum Stock Level you have assigned to the item.

** You can also check Live Stock Levels by logging into the SalesStream™ Cloud Online Management Pages. By clicking the links at the top of this page you can also view :

b) Ownership for that item, i.e. customers that have purchased that product

c) Received – any receipts of selected product into your warehouse

d) Goods Returned – any returns of selected product to your Supplier

e) Extra Detail – displays the Extended Description which can be used for Tasting Notes, Instructions etc.