Attributing a Sale to a Customer/Customer Account (Including Private Pricing)

At any time during the Sales Process you can click ‘Cust Enq‘ to attribute/assign the Sale to a Customer or this can be triggered for you when you sell a certain Product or when the Overall Sales Total reaches a certain level, i.e. £50.00.

Some retailers choose to give certain Customers a different Price Band or even specific Private Pricing for particular products. The SalesStream™ Cloud Guides for ‘Private Pricing’ and ‘Product Management’ explain how to set these up in further detail.

1) Add Product/Item(s) to the Sale, as shown below. You will see that the Products in the Screenshot all have a ‘1’ in the ‘PB’ or Price Band Column.

2) Click ‘Cust Enq‘ to view the Customer Details Screen, you will see the screen below:

Customer Enquiry

3) If dealing with an Existing Customer enter a Search Clue for them, i.e. Name, Address or Postcode and click ‘Search‘

4) If no result comes back or your need to Create a New Customer click ‘Create New‘ and manually enter the Customer’s Details on the screen shown below:

Customer Enquiry
Postcode Lookup

If you are signed up to our Postcode Lookup Service you can click the ‘Search Postcode‘ button to automatically fill in the Address Details. This helps increase the speed of processing orders and also improves accuracy.

** NOTE there is a charge per search for this and you should check with your Manager/Supervisor to see whether you have this feature enabled)