Adding a Product/Item to a Sale (Making a Sale)

When making a sale, you can either :

a) SCAN the product barcode
b) Enter the PLU/BARCODE and press [Enter] or click ‘Scan’
c) Use the ‘Lookup’ Feature to search for a product
d) Type in the value of item and then click on a ‘Department/Category’ Button
If the item you wish to sell is not yet on your database you can perform a ‘Department/Category Sale’ by entering the value of the item you want to sell i.e. 25.00 of Clothing, then click on the category
e) Perform a ‘Price Over’ by entering a price, i.e. 25.00, click ‘Price Over’ button and ‘Scan’ or ‘Lookup’ the product you wish to sell at that price. You can also enter qty i.e. 2 then ‘Scan’ or ‘Lookup’ to automatically sell that qty.

If using ‘Lookup’ type part of the search phrase in the search box and click ‘Search’. You can then choose the ‘Use and Close’ option to select the highlighted product and return to the EPOS screen or select ‘Use’ if you want to search for multiple products. Click on ‘Stock Level & Enquiry’ to view :

Stock Levels – includes Base Stock, Inter-Branch Transfers (In Transit), Returned to Supplier/Returns, Free Stock, On Order and Minimum Stock Level for all Stock/Store Locations.

Ownership – includes Details of Sales to Customers including Operator Name, Customer Name, Purchase Location, Qty, Description,
Date + Time, Price Altered/Discount, Price and Warranty Details.

Received – Details of Goods In/Received including Receiving Location, Qty, Description, Received By (Operator), Received Date + Time, Supplier Name.

Returned – Details of Goods Returned to Supplier including Store Location, Qty and Description.

Extra Detail – displays the ‘Detailed Description’ text as input on the Cloud/Back Office Product Database screens. This can be used for Tasting Notes, Instructions etc.

You can also click ‘Bulk Stock Level’ to view the local stock level for all items in the search results window.

On this screen, the fields are as follows:

PLU – the Product Lookup Code for the item (unique identifier)
# SS – the default Stock Shift Qty – i.e. the qty of stock sold when this item is added to the customer basket (for example, a 10 pack of golf tees)
Retail – the price of the item
Guide – the guide price set by your Head Office (giving you an indication of how flexible the retail price is)

# you can assign a friendly PLU to a product i.e. ABC123 and then enter this into the Main EPOS Screen Search box.

To speed up navigation make use of the ALT-Key Shortcuts, i.e . . .

[ALT] + [S] for Search
[ALT] + [R] for Reset
[ALT] + [L] for Use and Close
[ALT] + [U] for Use
[ALT] + [O] for Close