EPOS eCommerce Integration

EPOS and Ecommerce integration is easily achieved using our API or the built in Magento Ecommerce link that could save hours of expensive developer time.

Your product codes, barcodes, prices and descriptions or securely held on our servers enabling you to share real time stock levels between in-store – customer service, purchasing, warehouse and on-line.

Your website can therefore display Real Time Stock Levels, Live Pricing and Descriptions – preventing out of stock orders and ensuring customers see current pricing which helps improve consumer confidence and their experience on your site.

Orders and Dispatches can be loaded into the SalesStream Warehouse System providing a full Picking System, Order Processing Chain, Serial Number Collection and automated Customer Service emails.

EPOS and Ecommerce integration using the inbuilt Magento integration provides real time links between SalesStream EPOS Software and the World’s most popular eCommerce platform – Magento and because it is owned by eBay you instantly have two sales channels and many apps exist to extend your channels to include Amazon.

Can I link an eCommerce Site?

SalesStream has a number of eCommerce Integration Tools – from Customised API Integration which can work with most modern eCommerce sites to a built-in integration with Magento eCommerce.

Can I Dispatch Items from a Centralised Warehouse?

Yes, items can be sold at any store and on an item by item or whole basket basis be pushed into the warehouse dispatch queue.

Once in the queue your sale travels through the warehouse picking process, if necessary a job can be halted and kept to one side until it can be dispatched.

At all times you keep in touch with the customer with automated template based emails and finally serial numbers can be collected at the point of dispatch and consignment numbers emailed to the customer for tracking on line.