Credit Note Management

1) You can Manage/View all of your EPOS generated Credit Notes (if enabled) by clicking the Reports Icon on the Cloud Dashboard
2) Click ‘Credit Note Management‘
3) The list of Credit Notes is shown with the most recent Credit Note first, note that you can click the Header Text (underlined) at the top of each column to sort by that column data i.e. by Location, Value etc.

4) Each Credit Note is listed with its:

– Credit Note Reference
– Location Name (where Note was created/raised)
– Operator Name
– Reason for Credit Note Issue (as collected on the EPOS)
– Customer Postcode
– Amount/Value of the Credit Note
– Expiry Days, the number of days until the Credit Note will expire (this is automatically deducted by one day on our servers at midngiht each day)
– Credit Note Status: be it VALID, REDEEMED or EXPIRED
– Notes, used to show if a Credit Note has been edited or extended etc.

5) Once you have located the Credit Note you wish to edit/view simply click the ‘Select’ button on the relevant row
6) All of the details for the Credit Note are displayed onscreen and you are presented with a few options:

Cancel – this will cancel any changes and take you back to the Credit Note Listing
Delete – this will delete a selected Credit Note, providing it has ‘Expired’ Credit Notes
Re-activate – choose an extension period, i.e. 10 days. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days using the Drop-Down Box and then click ‘Re-activate‘ to extend the Validity of the Credit Note