Creating Product Labels

Creating Labels using your SalesStream Product Data couldn’t be easier.

Simply login to the ‘Products & Inventory‘ section of the Cloud Dashboard and choose ‘Product Database‘, you will see the screen below:

Search for the product you wish to label – in this example ‘Chablis’ and select the correct product from the Results List using the ‘Select’ button.

Then enter the number of labels you require for the selected product in the ‘Label Printing’ section (red box in the screenshot above) and click ‘Add Labels’.

If you wish to delete the Label Queue at any time you can do so my clicking ‘Delete All Labels’ on this screen or on the Label Management Screen (explained below).

Once you have added all products you wish to label to your Label Queue go to the ‘Products & Inventory’ Page and scroll down to ‘Label Printing CSV Download’ and click ‘Download Labels’ (as shown below)

You will see the screen below:

You can see a preview of the products you have selected to print labels for. Choose from ‘Price Labels’ or ‘Plant Passports’ depending on which type of label you require and click ‘Download’.

A CSV file named ‘Label_Export.csv’ will be automatically downloaded to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your PC (default, although this may be different if you have selected a different download location).

Finally import the CSV file into ‘Bartender’ or whichever Labelling Application/Software you are using.