Creating + Managing Quotations in Web EPOS

Please note that before you can Create + Manage Quotations in ‘Web EPOS’ you will need to ensure that you have setup your Web EPOS Terminal on the PC you are accessing it from (see instructions here)

Click ‘EPOS’ to access the main EPOS Screen.

‘Lookup’ or ‘Create’ a Customer by clicking the ‘Customer’ button. Click ‘New Customer’ or search for an Existing Customer using ‘Customer Search’, clicking ‘Select’ next to the relevant customer, as shown below:

Check and Update the Customer Details clicking ‘Save’ to record any changes and then ‘<<EPOS’ to return to the EPOS screen.

Lookup and add Products to the EPOS screen that you wish to quote for, adjusting pricing and qtys as required.

Click ‘Create Quotation’ from the Top ‘Quotations’ menu.

Enter the Quotation Validity in Days and a Quotation Note to help you to identify the quotation later.