Creating Customer Account Statements

1) Click on the ‘Customers + Account Management’ icon  on the Cloud Management Dashboard
2) Click ‘Account Statements’ on the top menu bar and you will see the screen on the left.
3) Enter the Date Range you wish to produce the Statements for using the calendar control
4) Edit the Promotional Message and Terms & Conditions (if necessary), clicking ‘Save’ when complete

Credit Account Customers are those with a Credit Limit Greater Than Zero.

You may wish to send them periodic statements. The transactions spanned on these statements mirrors those in the date range selected. There are now a number of options for your Statement Run :

1) Account Customers Owing Money. (Active – Balance >0)
2) Account Customers in Credit. (Over paid – Balance <0)
3) All Account Customers. (Active – Over Paid – Neutral)

Credit Account Customer List Printing

1) List of all Account Customers.
2) List of all Account Customers Over their Credit Limit.
3) List of all Account Customers Owing Money. (Active)
4) List of all Account Customers in credit. (Over Paid)

List of All Account Customers Not Using Their Credit Account. (Neutral Accounts)

None Credit Account Customers (those without a Credit Limit) who have an Active Account – these include Deposit Paid Customers.

1) Statement Printing – including Transactions between the Date Range specified.
2) List of all Active in Credit Account Customers.

** Quick Tip – You can also access a quick view of a Customer’s Account by clicking ‘Cust Enq’ on the EPOS/Till, looking up the relevant Customer and then selecting ‘Account’