Buy Ins + Part Exchanges

This recently added Feature can be found on the ‘Web EPOS‘ and is really simple to use.

First of all you need to click ‘Customer‘ and Lookup an Existing Customer or Add a New Customer.

Click ‘EPOS‘ to return to the Sales Basket and then click ‘Buy In‘ and ‘Purchase‘ from the Top Menu.

Here you can enter relevant information about the item you are purchasing from a customer including Brand, Model, Description, Serial Number, Purchase/Buy-In Price, Condition, Packaging etc. Tick the checkbox if instructions are included, then tick the checkbox to agree that you are satisfied the goods can be purchased legally.

Finally click ‘Buy In‘ and you will be returned to the Sales Basket where you can go to ‘Payment’ and choose the method by which you wish to pay the customer.

If the customer is Part Exchanging the item for another simply ‘Lookup’ or ‘Scan’ the new item and the relevant Balance (positive or negative) will be shown onscreen.

Once this is done you can click ‘Buy In‘ and ‘Manage‘ to look at Exchanged Products, verify them and assign a Retail Resale Price etc.

Click ‘Select‘ on the relevant Product

Simply complete the relevant information : VAT Rate, Retail Price (inc VAT), Item Category, Warranty (if applicable) and whether you wish the item to appear on your website. Finally click ‘Activate Product’ and the item will be assigned a SKU (see green box above) and will be ready to sell.

Note : Read about Adding/Managing Product Brands Here.