EPOS Software Manager Functions

This is an explanation of the Manager features within SalesStream™ Cloud, accessed by clicking the ‘Manager‘ button or by pressing F4 on the main EPOS Screen :

Online Help – gives staff instant access to the latest Online Training and Support for SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS

Clear All Suspended – clears any sales which have been ‘Suspended’ or ‘Parked’ by staff

Allow Remote Help – launches JSA’s remote support software, allowing our support agents to take control of your PC for assistance. You will be asked to enter a ‘Session Number’, this will be given to you over the phone by one of our support agents.

Z Read – provides you with a Z-Read for your sales broken down by payment type

X Read – provides you with a X-Read for your sales broken down by payment type

No Sale – ejects the cash drawer

Paid Out – allows you to keep track of petty cash remove from the till

Re-Print Receipt – displays a list of all sales and transaction added to IP-EPOS

Items Sold – prints a list of items sold since last Z read was performed

Goods In from HO – allows you to book goods in from a previously created Purchase Order or an Inter-Branch Transfer

Request Stock – sends a request to your Buyer/Purchaser highlighting the items that you have in your current ‘Sales Basket’ for re-order

Barcoding – allows you to print Product/Barcode labels for your products

Barcoding Goods In – allows you to print Product/Barcode labels for your products

Update Terminal – downloads any New or Updated Data from the SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS Server, includes updating settings for receipts, user/operator names and passwords etc

Full Refresh – downloads all of the latest products, pricing, operators from the SalesStream™ Cloud EPOS Server (this can take some time depending upon the size of your product file) ***

Barcoding your products helps improve accuracy and speed of processing at the point of sale.

‘Items Sold’ is a really useful function for helping you to replenish your stock during the trading day – it shows items sold since your last Z-read so it is important that you run it before resetting your Z-read

We recommend performing a ‘Update Terminal‘ on a daily basis, ‘Full Refresh‘ should be used when you have made large changes to your product data, i.e. start of a new fashion season or when a member of our Technical/Support Team instructs you to do so.