SagePay Cloud Connect EPOS

SalesStream Cloud and SagePay Cloud Connect connects your EPOS with your Customer Payments.


What it is?

  • Cloud Connect brings together ePOS with your ecommerce website so you have a single view of your inventory across all channels
  • Your staff can take payments (wirelessly) anywhere in-store
  • Ideal for multi-channel businesses

How does it work?

  • When the customer is ready to pay, SalesStream ePOS submits a payment request to Sage Pay through a secure & encrypted via a Webservice call. This payment request simply contains the value of the transaction to be processed.
  • The merchant can use a VX680 Wifi terminal to pull down the payment request from Sage Pay and prompt the customer to enter their PIN details, tap their card for contactless payment or even use ApplePay
  • Once the transaction has been processed by Sage Pay, the terminal will print the card receipts and we will communicate with the mobile ePOS system to let it know if the transaction was authorised or declined.
  • The ePOS system will print the sales receipt if the transaction has been authorised and complete the transaction.
  • All customer, payments and inventory information is updated across your online channels (if your business also sells online).


  • Fully integrated with SaleStream­ EPOS Software
  • Reduced cost with simple tablet based till implementation
  • Queue Busting – mobilise staff so that they can take payments anywhere in-store
  • PDQ (Payment Terminal) can be shared by several members of staff
  • Payments can be taken independently of the EPOS System.
  • GPRS option allows you to use the payment terminal over mobile networks so you can take payments at Pop-Up Stores, Exhibitions or Markets.