Mail Order back in fashion

A number of our customers are reporting that Mail Order is increasingly becoming a key revenue stream once again, following a decrease in popularity over the last decade.

Shoppers often now use the internet or traditional media (Catalogues, Brochures) to research what products are out there, features, pricing etc.  They then may contact the retailer to seek expert and professional advice, then place their order.  Some customers are also still a bit wary of internet security and prefer to deal with a sales agent over the phone, especially for high value purchases.

The new SalesStream ‘Customer Service’ feature brings all customer activities together, allowing retailers to view all of the following activities/events for a given customer :

  • Sales Web
  • In-Store/Retail Sales
  • Mail Order Sales
  • Dispatched Items (with Delivery Tracking)
  • Special Orders
  • Returns
If you would like to know more these new features and how SalesStream can help you to manage Mail Orders sales please Contact Us.