Cloud for Business

Raconteur___Cloud_for_Business___CoverThis weekends Sunday Time featured a special ‘Raconteur’ Supplement covering . . . Cloud for Business.

The articles cover how the Cloud is shaping the future of UK Business, including :

–  Cloud Computing and its benefits of affordable scale, speed and collaboration
–  Tangible vs Intangible Benefits of Cloud Computing (including Access to Technology, Speed, Cost Savings, Predictable Costs, Improved Customer Service and Engagement, Agility and Collaboration.
–  How Cloud helps improve Customer Service & Experience
–  Cloud Computing as a Supporter of Business Growth & Transformation
–  Hybrid Cloud Computing
–  5 Unusual uses for the Cloud
–  Cloud Security
–  Dispelling Myths about the Cloud
–  Top 10 Ways the Cloud is going back to the Future

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You can read more by clicking on the Image above or Here.