EPOS Software Overview

Overview of Installed EPOS Software (Web EPOS Guide coming soon)

Getting Started + Logging In

System Setup
Logging In
EPOS Software Features Overview
Updating/Refreshing your EPOS/Till Data
Manager Functions

Making a Sale
Adding an Item/Product to a Sale (Making a Sale)
Making a Department/Category or ‘Service’ Sale
Altering Qty/Price of an Item or Product
Attributing a Sale to a Customer/Customer Account (Including Private Pricing)
Checking a Product’s Stock Level
Taking Payment(s)
Taking Deposits from a Customer
Processing a Sale with VAT Exemption(s)

Refunds + Credit Notes
Refunds/Exchanges + Sale Complete
Issuing/Redeeming Credit Notes
Refunding to a Customer/Credit Account

Advanced EPOS Features
Creating Quotations
End of Day/Z-Reads
‘Items Sold’ Feature
Receipt Printer Setup + Printing/Re-Printing Receipts
Printing Product Barcode Labels
No Sales + Paid Outs
Suspended Sales (Layaway)
Inform the Buyer
Table/Bill Service (for Hospitality)

Reservations + Warehousing
Dispatching Products from Warehouse
– Reserving Stock/Items for Any Location

Data Management

Back Office – Adding/Editing Products, Suppliers, Managing Purchase Orders, Stock Taking etc.