Retailers know who is running the shop

Users and OperatorsSalesStream brings you . . . .   


Secure User Names and PIN Numbers bring security and traceability

  • Staff can be assigned particular roles ensuring they have relevant permissions, i.e. whether they can perform discounts or refunds
  • Protecting the contents of your cash drawer
  • Protecting honest staff – every transaction is stamped with the log in details.
  • Z-Reads allow for secure cashing up at End of Day
  • Ex-Staff will be locked out and attempts to use a deactivated PIN is logged.

Live Sales Reports

  • Live Sales DashboardLive Sales viewable on Cloud Dashboard anywhere you are online
  • Staff Sales Total for the day can be seen – in Real Time
  • Live Performance for different stores/locations

Suspended Sales

During busy periods (or at any time)

  • Staff can share a single POS or Terminal
  • Staff will get a clean screen to work with and can toggle back and forth as required.
  • Sales can be prepared and stored by logging off and recovered later when the customer arrives
  • Improves the customers perception of great and consistent service.